Katie. 19.
Katie. 19.

“I suppose a fire that burns that bright is not meant to last.” 

if you want me / Guy & Girl + distance

Actress Holland Roden attends ‘The Leftovers’ premiere at NYU Skirball Center on June 23


You don’t get it,

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➥ 15/ SNK Gifs

countdown to season 4: favorite parent week
mama mccall + her boys


Is this a dream role for you, or would you hope to lighten it up maybe with a comedy at some point?

I mean, this is great. I would love to do comedy at some point. But this is wonderful, because I kind of get to play a cop who’s sometimes playing another part as an undercover agent. So I get to do many, many different things. I have to keep it all straight, I have to write it down in my scripts to keep it all straight when I’m doing it sometimes. (x)

Parents get Harry Potter trivia very, very wrong (x)